Inside Chinese Culture – Baby’s 100 Days Celebration

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In Chinese culture, 100 Days is an important milestone for the baby because 100 days birth celebration represents the wish that the baby will live 100 years and reaches longevity. Usually, relatives and friends will get together for a big banquet and send gifts for the baby, similar to the baby showers in Western culture. Traditionally, the baby will wear a Longevity Lock on the neck and wear something red for this special occasion. Some also wear special hats, bracelets, and anklets. However, in modern days, many parents choose not to go with the traditional looks. 100 Days portraits have been widely westernized in styles.

Blog 100 Days-14
An example of the Longevity Lock

Eggs are associated with birth of babies in Chinese culture. It is therefore quite popular to create composite images for baby to stay in an egg shell.

Blog 100 Days-1

The age stage of 100 days presents some level of challenges for the photographers. Babies are very alert so they are not as easy to be posed as newborns. Their attention spans are very short, get tired easily, might reflux, and could be very grumpy at times. They cannot sit yet and their neck bones are still very soft. Some might be able to do brief moments of belly time but some still cannot. So the posing choices are very limited.

100 Days Cars

I always try to create several themes for the babies and provide different outfits, along with various shooting angles, details shoots, etc. to help make the session fuller and richer in contents. I also always encourage parents and siblings to take pictures with the babies as well.


In 2017, I started to include what I call “2D Floor Art” into 100 Days sessions. Floor art photography concept is believed to be originated from Adele Enersen. It is a style involving the creation of a theme on the floor and pose the subjects along with the theme to tell a story. I was fortunate enough to learn from some of the industrial leaders in this area such as Angela Forker of Precious Baby Photography.

100 Days Floor Art Soccer
100 Days Soccer Theme
100 Days Beach Theme
100 Days Car Theme
100 Days Car Theme

Dragon Wing Composite-2T-Rex Composite

Swing and Tree Hole Composite
100 Days Dino Theme Composite

In addition, I also sourced  special props suitable for safe posing of babies in this milestone stage for more interesting theme creation.

100 Days Library Theme

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