Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding

How should I describe Stephanie? Organized, communicative, caring, creative, and always putting the family her absolute priority. Let us focus on creativity for a moment: I arrived at the venue early on the reception day to document the setup process. I was blown away by her amazing Alice Wonderland themes. She designed, shopped, and set up all the centerpieces by herself. Wow and Wow! I even joked to her and said she should consider becoming a wedding planner/theme designer so we can partner together and rock the wedding business.

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-1
Stephanie got her flowers from Costco and ShopRite. All centerpieces and flower arrangements were done by Stephanie.

Tim Burton is the true inspiration for the whole theme. Stephanie loves how his mind thinks and sees the world so when she thought wedding she figured. Alice and Wonderland is still an elegant theme for them (Stephanie and Phil). Then everything started to come to her. Pinterest was a little help but once Stephanie thought of an idea she just ran with it. Organizing it was fun, according to Stephanie. She went thrift shopping, Goodwill stores and just going on a hunt for different tea pots,tea cups, books, etc. It was an amazing adventure. “You never truly knew if you would find what you were looking for or just not get anything at all. But it was trying to find the hidden treasure that made it so much fun!”, said Stephanie.

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-2

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-3
Stephanie was pretty much all over Monmouth NJ to find everything she was looking for. The Christmas Tree Shops, Big Lots, HomeGoods and thrift stores helped with the decor. Also Amazon was her best friend too.
Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-4
Guests check-in Table
Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-5
Bride and Groom’s Table

The wedding dress is from David’s Bridal and it got pockets! A fun fact to share: if anyone knows Stephanie, her Moto is if the dress has pockets it’s hers. She never know what to do with her hands it’s an awkward thing for her. So she loves pockets because then she doesn’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable about where to put her hands. Her friends think it’s hysterical. During the wedding, whenever Stephanie puts her hands inside the dress pockets her friends tease her about it and they will have a good laugh together. I noticed that and just had to find out from Stephanie what it was all about.

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-18
Meet the Bride Stephanie
Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-19
Meet the Groom Phil

The reception was held at the Cranbury Inn. Stephanie and Phil chose it because of its rustic and vintage feel. The couple had an awesome experience there. The food was delicious and Tom the owner is very knowledgeable and attentive. They would go back again in a heart beat and have a party there again.

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-14
The loft layout inside the Cranbury Inn is so special. The guests watched the couple’s ceremony from upstairs. The newly wed greeted all guests one by one as the guests walked down the stairs.


Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-7

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-8
Portrait taken near Cranbury Memorial Park

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-10

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-6
The Brainerd Dam

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-20

Brett Dash was their DJ and is fabulous to work with, “Easy going and a great guy”. Kara Lynne From Élan Hair Studio in Seagirt NJ did Stephanie’s makeup. “She is the best! Any type of makeup to wedding, party, Halloween, etc. she is your girl. True talent and I’m so happy with her beautiful work. She is also my colorist.” Ashley Evan from Élan Hair Studio in Seagirt NJ did Stephanie’s hair. “If you need a blowout and/or up styling she is your girl. She can make anything work and make your dreams come true. Any special event I have to go to I go to this beauty!”

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-16
The First Dance
Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-17
On the bracelet that Stephanie wearing is the coordinates of Elkmont Campgrounds in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. It’s where Phil proposed to Stephanie. The bracelet is from Phil also got Stephanie another bracelet with the coordinates where they first met.
Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-13
The mother of one of Stephanie’s good friends from work home-made this wedding cake. It was made out of pure love and hard work. Stephanie gave her the idea and she created it for her without question and the couple couldn’t have been any happier with the results.

The thing that scared, made her anxious and nervous the most, according to Stephanie, was “will I be able to set everything up in time, will what my imagination wants for the theme of the wedding going to execute properly, and did I just go over board and of course put too much on my plate”. Otherwise with getting married Stephanie never had a doubt in her mind and either did Phil so that was the easiest part.

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-12

Tips from the bride:

“I am organized chaos, but my best friend Kiki helps me organize it with lists, to-dos and important things that need to get done. As for getting organized for the photographer everyone should have a list of what pictures they want. There are so many regrets on people forgetting to get that one picture. So you as a couple should sit down and make a list of pictures you would like from your wedding so you have no regrets when you get the proofs back. No picture is a stupid picture. Its a memory you can have forever.” (Yes Stephanie, you won’t understand how much that has helped me, by providing me a guests picture list. It really saved my life as a photographer on the wedding day.)

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-9

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-11

Alice Wonderland Themed Wedding-15

“Our experience was awesome. The only thing is we wish we ate more because the food was so delicious. Advice is just enjoy your day, it goes by quick. If you can get your pictures done earlier do it so you can enjoy every moment. And make sure you eat because you are paying for it and we know us brides starved ourselves to get into a dress so make sure you have that delicious meal”

Here is my session gift for the bride. I chose a heart shape rose gold color living locket because the rose gold color reminds me of Stephanie’s wedding gown and Cranbury Inn’s color theme. To accent, I also added vintage rose stardust Swarovski crystals. You And Me Puzzle Piece charm represents the union of Stephanie and Phil. Silver Wedding Ring charm is to remind Stephanie this is a wedding gift. I also include a Family Branch charm because I love the way Stephanie care about her family!! Silver Playing Cards charm reminds me of the Alice Wonderland theme and Stephanie’s amazing centerpieces designs. And the Camera charm is to remind Stephanie this gift is from me. The living locket will be displayed on the Living Locket Photo Frame along with one of their favorite picture from that day.

Stephanie and Phil did their engagement session with me back in February at the historical Batsto Village. To view the blog on their engagement session, click here.

Interested in finding out what the couple say about MuSen? Read their testimonial here.



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  1. 梦游仙境相当有趣,先从他俩的照片中看到一对平凡人的浪漫婚礼;桌子上的摆台很吸引我,看了文字之后由衷惊叹女主人的创意设计,所有的灵感取材于他们恋爱生活的过程,又遇见了同样有想法、能懂他们的摄影师,完美呈现了想表达的幸福时光,你们的完美配合实在太棒了!


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