Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family Session

Now the holiday craze is over let us spend some time and look back at some of the late Autumn sessions last year.

Besides shopping what else can you do on Thanksgiving weekend? Having an extended family session done would be a great choice. They make timeless holiday gifts.

Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-5
This photo session is a holiday gift for the parents (the kids’ grandparents). The parents had asked for an updated family picture of all of them. They had done it in the past, but it had been five years and the children had changed quire a bit.
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-2
The siblings: Left – Wendy; Middle – Rob; Right – Dianna

“My parents would plan family vacations where we would travel around the country in their station wagon for two-three weeks at a time. Although it was a lot at the time to be trapped in a car for that long a period of time, those times consist of some of my favorite family memories.” – Dianna

Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-10
Now when all the families get together they just relax and talk about all the things going on in their lives as well as reminiscing about times when they were young.
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-11
Dianna’s family – Dianna, Jackson, Cole, and Mike. Mike and Dianna have been married the shortest amount of time, but have lived in three different houses.
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-7
Wendy’s Family – Wendy, Bill, Liam, Emily, and Colin. All the boys in this family are Eagle Scouts.
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-1
Tammy’s Family – Rob, Ava, Emma, Robby, Andrew (front), and Tammy. Rob and Tammy are both doctors and have the most kids.

Tammy chose the outfits. In the past, each family would pick a separate color, but this time they decided to do something different. They also felt white shirts and blue jeans were the easiest to match.

Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-3
All the girls
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-4
All the boys
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-6
All the grandchildren

They did worry about the weather. Tammy’s family was up from Virginia and everyone could only meet on this one day. If it was raining, it would have made for a much different experience.

“Have a back-up plan for the weather. We were very lucky that it worked for us on the day that we chose, but it could have gone either way. Coordinate colors in advance. Try to make it easy on everyone if you have a big family, because the last thing that you want to do is annoy people before you even start the pictures. HAVE FUN!!! This is either for you or loved ones. Although it can be stressful, try to make it fun. It gives you a better memory to reflect upon.” – Dianna shared some words of wisdom for anyone planning an extended family in the future.

Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-8
All the ladies
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-9
All the gentlemen
Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-13
Yay! They did the “walk” for me! – MuSen

Thanksgiving Weekend Extended Family-12

“Karen was so accommodating!!! Anything that we wanted to try or do, she obliged. We were a large group, but she was organized and very easy to work with. Also, Karen was honest. If a picture wasn’t working, she let us know and we would try something different.”

From MuSen:

Extended family session is fun, but could be difficult to coordinate and stressful at times. Treat it as a get-together event for everyone and enjoy the moments! I love how easygoing everyone is and wouldn’t mind trying out different ideas with me, and if the ideas didn’t work, we just laughed it off. Weather was great that day and not too cold. It was a clear day and at the time of the session the sun position was high and the lighting condition was harsh. This imposes some degrees of challenges as we need to constantly change our locations and directions in order to avoid direct sunlight and blotching spots. This problem can also be resolved with proper use of shades and flash.

A 8×10 hard cover photo-book is included with the session. It is a prefect holiday gift choice. To find out more about the Oak package, visit here.

Ready to book your own Oak session? Contact me now.

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