Yellow is this Spring’s new color trend

Sitter session is perhaps one of my favorite categories of portraits. Babies at this developmental stage are very sweet and easy to work with. Sitter sessions are usually done between 6 and 10 months old, when babies can sit independently for over 30 minutes but cannot crawl yet.

Sitter Session-4
Baby Amandine, 8 month, is a returning client of mine

My sitter sessions are typically done on location. I will design the themes and provide all props per pre-session consultations. I will also provide all matching outfits. Parents are also encouraged to provide babies with the outfits they pick out.

Sitter Session-1

Siblings and family are always welcomed.

Sitter Session-5

Sitter Session-2

Sitter Session-8
Matching crocheted siblings outfits by BuyBillerman

I will also offer solos to siblings.

Sitter Session-3

Sitter Session-7

I like to give clients a little surprise. Yellow is this Spring’s new color trend and sitter floral bonnet is super hot right now for baby girls. Although my client asked for earth tone, brown, and pink/pastel colors, I decided to surprise her with an extra set of trendy yellow Spring floral bonnet theme. She loves it!

Sitter Session-11

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(Amandine had her newborn session done with me in June, 2016. Click here to visit her newborn session blog)